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Poirier defeats Gaethje via fourth round TKO.

Dustin Poirier:

“I know the fans booed me but we left it all out here in the Octagon for everyone. Justin is a warrior and wouldn’t have stopped unless Herb [Dean] stepped in like he did. I’ve been through two weight classes, this is my 20th fight in the UFC. I know what it’s like to battle through adversity, get knocked down, get knocked out and stand back up. I would never ask for something unless I knew I earned it. So, Dana, Sean… Khabib, let’s go!”



Oliveira defeats Condit via second round submission.

Charles Oliveira:

“I have been through a lot in the build-up to this fight. I do this for my family so it means everything to be here and win for them. That is all I care about.”




Adesanya defeats Vettori via split decision.

Israel Adesanya:


“I’m not happy, but I’ll take the win. Like my coaches say, a win is a win but that is not enough for me. I want the finish and I’m upset I didn’t find that shot. I think it’s absolutely insane that a judge scored the fight for him. I don’t understand that at all. He had the takedowns in the third round but I felt like I was piecing him up in the first and second rounds. There’s no way you could give him more than one round. I guess I’ll have to go back and watch it for myself. I did have fun out there and I’m very happy to take the win but I’m not thinking about what’s next yet.”

Waterson defeats Casey via split decision.

Michelle Waterson:

“Oh my gosh, when I heard the split decision coming in, I was worried. I felt like I had done a lot more in the fight and I had escaped every submission attempt but you never know what the judges see – and that’s the difference between half of my pay. I felt great throughout the fight. I was winning the exchanges and I was getting the better of the grappling too so I felt like I had done enough for a unanimous decision but I’m very happy to get the win. I showed myself that I can compete with the bigger girls in this division. I’m very happy to be back in the win column. Now, I’m just excited for some family time and we’ll see what the UFC has for me next…”


Salikhov defeats Rainey via second round knockout.

Muslim Salikhov:

“I feel very happy. In my first UFC fight, I did not perform my best. I was having family problems and that prevented me from being my best. Tonight, I feel great. I had an incredible camp and I felt the best I have for a fight. I like striking and I think I am one of the best. I am very tough too so I want to fight the toughest guys. I know how this sport works so I know I have some work to get there. This is only my first UFC win. However, I like guys like Condit and Cerrone and, hopefully, I can fight them soon.”


Moraga defeats Reis via unanimous decision.

John Moraga:

“I felt like it was a good fight. I just let myself go and went with the flow. I was confident in my gameplan and I just had to take whatever Wilson brought to the fight. He’s a really tough guy and I just hope everyone enjoyed the show we put on. I have fought in Phoenix before and it’s a great feeling to have so much support from the crowd.”


Tavares defeats Jotko via third round TKO.

Brad Tavares:

“I feel good but I’m a little annoyed. I was out striking him, stuffing his takedowns and having a great fight. It’s annoying that the one punch he landed was a knuckle that cut me. Otherwise, I’m feeling great. I’ve got a nice win streak going and I finally found that finish that I was looking for. Every guy I fight talks about how hard I hit so I wanted to make a statement and I did that tonight. Hopefully this win pushes me into the Top 10. I’ve only lost once in the past 3 years and that was to the champion of the division so I feel that it is all coming together right now. I want Michael Bisping next. I have nothing but respect for him and I know he is looking for his final fight. I would be honored to give it to him.”


Burns defeats Moret via second round knockout.

Gilbert Burns:

“In the first round, I wasn’t really finding my distance. I thought I fought well but I wasn’t finding what I was looking for. So, in the second round, I took my time and watched how he would setup. Once I saw his overhand, I could see my opening. The second time I saw it, I threw as hard as I could. I knew I would make him feel it and, sure enough, I was able to get the knockout. I had a fight scheduled earlier this year in Orlando against Olivier Aubin-Mercier. We weren’t able to make that happen and now I want to rebook that fight. I have no injuries so I’m heading right back to the gym. He just had a knockout win and so did I so I think this is a great fight and I want to fight him on July 7 at UFC 226.”


Mueller defeats Dobson via unanimous decision.

Lauren Mueller:

“It’s an incredible feeling to win your Octagon debut. I knew a lot about Shana Dobson coming into this fight. I know how powerful she is but I felt like I was the more dynamic fighter and I wanted to show the differences in our game. I felt it was a close fight but I knew that I was outworking her so I’m happy that showed on the judges’ scorecards. I’m 5-0 now and it feels great to make that official. Coming into this fight, when people asked me my record, I would say 5-0 because I was manifesting what I wanted but it feels amazing to be able to say it and mean it now. My ultimate goal is the title. This is a new division so we are still seeing how this division comes together. I don’t have a name for who I would like to face next but I am undefeated and I want someone who will keep me climbing towards that title shot.”


Okami defeats Lima via unanimous decision.

Yushin Okami:

“I spent my time outside of the UFC getting better and learning new things. I want to show that in each fight. I felt very dominant tonight and I imposed my will. I am older now so I don’t have a lot of time left in the Octagon. My goal is to fight ranked guys and get myself in title contention. I think Donald Cerrone would be a good matchup… or Darren Till. As long as it is someone ranked, I do not are who the UFC sends me next.”


Perez defeats Lopez via second round TKO.

Alejandro Perez:


“I thought that the fight went according to plan. I was able to be patient, accurate and set up the strikes I needed to finish the fight. I have only lost once in the UFC and I can feel myself getting better. I have much to learn but my goal tonight was to improve on my previous fights and continue to advance myself in the division. My ultimate goal is to be a champion so I want to continue to climb. I will fight anyone in the Top 15 but I think that Eddie Wineland should be my next opponent. I think that will be a great fight for the fans.”


Sanders defeats Williams via unanimous decision.

Luke Sanders:

“I felt really good out there tonight. I wanted to be the aggressor but, not without reason, I just wanted to fight my fight. He is very tough. I could tell that he was rocked a couple of times throughout the fight but he never stopped working and I just hope everyone was entertained by the fight. It was great to have my loved ones here but that’s also a big motivation for me – my loved ones – whether they can be there or not. Just to feel their support and know that they are there for me, it’s a great thing. Now, I’m excited to get home and love them back! This was the last fight on my contract so I’m ready to see what the UFC wants to do with me next. I’m straight out of the trailer park and I’ve made it this far so I’m just excited to keep working and growing in the sport.”


Carlos Junior defeats Boetsch via first round submission (rear naked choke).

Antonio Carlos Junior:

“I am very happy with my performance. This is my third straight submission victory and second straight in the first round. I try to get better every time I fight. Tim Boetsch is a very respected fighter and a veteran of the sport. I feel grateful for this win and I am excited for what is to come next.”


Gate: $1,085,712.25

Attendance: 11,382


Fight of the Night: Poirier vs. Gaethje


Performances of the Night: Oliveira, Wieczorek

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