‘Dana White Bought my Teeth’ – Mark Schultz – First Olympic Gold Medalist in the UFC

Mark Schultz before and after teeth bought by Dana White
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Very interesting interview. Please take a listen!

Mark Philip Schultz (born October 26, 1960) is an American freestyle wrestler, 3-time NCAA, Olympic and 2-time World champion for the U.S., and a Distinguished Member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame,[1] the San Jose Sports Hall of Fame, the California Wrestling Hall of Fame, and the San Mateo Peninsula Sports Hall of Fame.

Schultz became the first Olympic gold medalist to enter the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). With one day’s notice Schultz replaced Dave Beneteau at UFC 9 in 1996, facing off against the UFC 8 runner-up, Canadian Gary Goodridge. He won the bout by doctor stoppage due to a cut. Schultz was paid $50,000 for his victory.

He and his late older brother Dave Schultz, also a wrestler, were noted for both winning gold medals in wrestling in the same Olympics (1984). They are the only American brothers to win both World and Olympic gold; they won more NCAA, U.S. Open, World, and Olympic titles than any other American brother combination in history.

From a previous request for help from Mark “I’m an Olympic, 2x World, 3x NCAA wrestling champion. When I competed I’d bite down on my teeth so hard it created hundreds (maybe thousands) of micro-fractures in my teeth. They deteriorated rapidly. In 2008 I needed 8 root canals and crowns. Then I had a heart attack. Then I learned root canals were correlated to heart attacks so I began removing them starting with molars in the back. Without molars I chewed with incisors in front. In the past three months 6 incisors broke off at the gumline. Normal people have 28 teeth. I have 4 left on top, 9 on bottom.”

Some of the above info came from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Schultz_(wrestler)

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