Frank Mir Usually Ends Up – “With a, shit, I’m sorry.”

Frank Mir training for Triller Boxing - MMA Fight Coverage - via his IG
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Carlos Ortiz from MMA Fight Coverage interviews former 2X UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir ahead of his 10 – round boxing match against former light heavyweight and cruiserweight boxing champion Antonio Tarver on the April 17 card in Atlanta that is headlined by Jake Paul vs arguably the most boring yet actually good professional mma fighter Ben Askren. The PPV action will begin at 6 PM mountain time and is brought to us by Triller Fight Club.  

Triller Presents Jake Paul vs Ben Askren - MMA Fight Coverage

Mir, “Jumped on the opportunity. “

“There will be some fans but as far as tickets to general public no.”

“I have got to corner my daughter now twice with no fans and I actually preferred it. It reminded me much more of just a gym scenario, which we have done thousands and thousands of times. I personally find fans can make me more nervous. I think most people do. What do they say, public speaking is the most highest rated fears that people have, so to go out there and do something that is exactly like what I have been doing in practice, you cant simulate that with thousands of people screaming at you.  So going into something new, as far as a full blown boxing match having the lack of fans, I think is actually a benefit for me.”

Frank tells us the differences between mma and boxing match ups and training styles. He said it usually ends up, “With a, shit, I’m sorry.”

“Still training at Syndicate with John Wood. I’m not necessarily a light hitter. I have good power with my punching and because I have been training now since basically right after Thanksgiving, I’m in really good shape better than I actually have been in a long time I think because my kids now are always at the gym with me so I think I have found new inspiration.”

There is so much more. Please take a listen as he tells us who he wished he could have fought but never did.

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