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MMA Fight Radio at UFC in Phoenix AZ
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Non accredited course on how to produce Mixed Martial Arts Radio. Learn insider secret information from a producer of MMA Radio since 2005.

  • How to contact each major fight organization directly
  • How to attend MMA Events for Free
  • Where and how to apply for “Media Credentials” for Bellator MMA and UFC
  • Gain access to ESPN mma press info
  • Gain access to Bellator MMA and UFC media alerts
  • Gain access to theater release audio ads for your show
  • Professional journalism/ media / host policies
  • Info on Media Conference Calls
  • How to get UFC and Bellator audio ads for your radio show
  • How to receive media alerts via your email account
  • How to reach a fighter to schedule an interview
  • How to gain access to UFC and Bellator exclusive interviews
  • Acquire breaking news information before other media outlets
  • Rules and guidelines for media attendees

This is a guide to maneuver your way around the world of mixed martial arts. The course is not meant to teach you how to start or run a radio show. Includes elusive contact information and insider secret information.

This course is for the eyes of the purchaser ONLY. Before you purchase you must agree to NOT share the information you are purchasing from us with anyone else or you the purchaser agrees to pay to us a fine of 250,000. Once you purchase that will be considered your agreement to the above.

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