Arizona Boxer Adam Stewart chats w/ MMA Fight Coverage

Adam Stewart - MMA Fight Coverage
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Carlos Ortiz from MMA Fight Coverage chats with boxer Adam Stewart, “I fought Saturday, six round fight.  I fought the number one heavyweight of Mexico.  It was good, I know the judges gave me every single round; I think one judges gave him one round. I shut him down and I shut him out and it felt good. I got the wins that’s what’s important. There were things I learned in there. I need to work on some things but I felt good.” During the Sweet Science event Adam defeated Hugo Trujillo at Corona Rodeo Grounds, Phoenix, Arizona.

The born and raised Arizonian fought in front of a crowd for the first time on a long while he tells us, “It’s great, just the energy. My people come pretty deep and the energy that they give me, that they have out there, it’s awesome. I’m glad its back I’m glad everyone could be there to support me. I fought with no crowd and that was weird I thought it wouldn’t bother me but it was different that was for sure.”

“I’ve got some calls already. I got a call from Top Rank waiting on the details about that. I think they said June 18th and then the Sweet Science Promotions they also talked about possibly having another show in June since that one went so well. Everyone had a good time. It’ll be in Phoenix for sure.”

“I train at the best MMA gym in Arizona. Probably one of the top five in the world, Fight Ready with some of the best there is.” Please listen to the full interview…

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