Rage In The Cage Muay Thai Sat Oct 9 Phoenix AZ

Rage in the Cage Muay Thai Sat Oct 9 Phoenix AZ- MMA Fight Coverage
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Carlos Ortiz with MMA Fight Coverage interviews Roland Sarria the owner of Rage in the Cage Muay Thai ahead of Sat Oct 9 Event

Rage in the Cage is an American Sport entertainment promotion bringing Combat sport events to Arizona since 1998!

RITC sport combat entertainment has since held over 1000 “numbered” events as of 1998.

(MMA, Muay Thia ,Kickboxing ,Karate, BJJ, No GI, Boxing)

RAGE IN THE CAGE is one of the longest running MMA shows in US history.

RITC promotions has given hundreds of MMA fighters a platform to showcase their MMA skills, and compete in shows like the UFC and Bellator, and many other MMA around the globe.

Baczynski, Seth

Birchak, Anthony

Brink, Aaron

Cantwell, Steve

Cruz, Dominic

Dean, Herb

Defranco, Santino

Dewees, Edwin

Dolloway, CB

Elbe, Ray

Escudero, Efrain

Fickett, Drew

Forbes, Jesse

Gastelum, Kelvin

Griggs, Chad

Guillard, Melvin

Gundersom, John

Hightower, Ricjie

Jardine, Keith

Kingsbury, Kyle

Larsen, Jeremy

Lauzon, Dan

Leininger, Christophe

Lucas, Matt

Martinez, Danny

McKee, Antonio

Medina, Todd

Meza, Yaotzin

Miller, Mayhem Jason

Moore, Homer

Moraga, John

Pardo. Joe

Payan, Estevan

Riggs, Joe

Rodriguez, Ricco

Roop, George

Saenz, Frankie

Schulte, Thomas

Severn, Dan

Starks, Cliff

Steinbeiss, Steve

Stevenson, Joe

Tim Credeur

Varner, Jamie

Whitehead, Mike

Wiuff, Travis

Mulhern, Quinn

Gruetzmacher, Chris

Gaethje, Justin

Gilbert Aldana

Sam Adkins

Shannon Ritch


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